For more than two decades, Drs David & Mamikie Molapo and the dedicated I CAN team members served diligently to meet the needs of the poor, the needy, the incarcerated and those who Jesus called, “the least of these our brothers.” This year we have 15 opportunities that will enable us to spread the message of HOPE and also impact the lives of millions of people across the African Continent. These include:

  1. Family Empowerment Seminars
  2. Relationships & Marriage Workshops
  3. Youth Leadership Programs
  4. Leadership, Coaching and Mentorship  Sessions
  5. Weekly Broadcast on 5 New TV Stations
  6. Feature weekly on 21 New Radio Stations
  7. Train-the-trainer Programs with the National Center For Fathering
  8. Women In Leadership Dialogues in conjunction with LOGOS University
  9. People With Disability awareness week
  10.  STOP HIV / AIDS beyond awareness month
  11.  Christian Jazz Concerts
  12.  Careers Of The Future for High Schools Learners
  13.  Intervention Programs for Underperforming Schools
  14.  Principals Enrichment Sessions
  15.  Marriage, Money and Ministry Conference for Pastors & their Spouses

It is only by the grace of God and by your generous support and prayers that in 2015 we’ll be able to continue this work of meeting needs and changing lives around the world When you become a Partner with $100 dollars or more per month, you are joining a dedicated team of servants reaching out to encourage, equip and enable Africans to fulfill their destiny. As our partner,we want to help you maximize your potential.  It is our prayer that you will be released into your destiny with greater focus and passion. In return, it will be an honour and blessing for us to provide you with resources (of  over $ 500 and more per month) that will empower you to serve better, live better, be better and live better. Thank you for your support and Remain Lifted. To Partner and to check the resources for you Click Here The I CAN Team